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9/23/2015Gabrielle Campbell
Thank you to all the staff at Brooklyn Cares for taking such great care of Gia. Her paw is healing slowly and I know we both can't wait for her cast to come off. Thanks again!
I just want to say thank you to the staff at Brooklyn cares Vet. for the help u r giving Tigger.
THX "U Stephanie Liff & tech: Cherefawn Chang,and and the WONDERFUL STAFF,Our first visit, thx'u you for takeing care of our babies MIA & MICO, yesterday,they're doing just find.Thanks again for awesome staff.
8/23/2014C. Wentt
Our dog Abby had to see a Vet ASAP and we were able to walk in an get very good service!
6/13/2014Anne Balsamo
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Brooklyn Cares Staff for taking such good care with my toy poodle, Toodles!! She had ACL repair surgery there about two weeks ago. Dr. Leff managed her care and communicated with me both before and after the surgery to make sure all was well. Toodles is back toddling around on 4 legs! Thanks to everyone!!
2/6/2014Pooch Pals LLC
Sending Brooklyn Cares Vet team licks n love on behalf of your friends at Pooch Pals. ♥
8/22/2013Amanda, Rusty&Roxy
To Dr. Mann & Staff,
I loved my visit today with my german shepherd puppy. you and your assistant were very helpful today and not only answered all my questions, but helped put my mind at ease. I have found our new and forever vet ! Thanks Dr. Mann!
one have a lump in the right cheast
This is jolithajosie I need a vet for my dog three little chechewhy dogs
Mufasa visited BCV today for the first time and he couldn't be happier. He felt so comfortable and was not afraid to walk around the reception area and even surprise the staff by jumping behind their desk. The vet and assistant were very nice to Mufasa and answered every question I had. I couldn't be happier with the choice to make BCV my kittens vet.

Mufasa (10 months)
2/8/2012Gregory Kaplun
A year ago my wife and I rescued a kitten. It was in need medical attention and brought it to this clinic. Dr. Mann did examination, while my wife and I we present. The examination was done with a shocking cruelty and as a result the poor kitten died within 10 minutes after we left the office. When I returned and told Dr. Mann about what happened he did not express any compassion or remorse. In our opinion Dr. Mann is an arrogant and cruel man and I would never recommend anybody to bring his pet to a clinic where this man operates.
1/17/2012Barella and Sookie
Dear Celia and Dr. Donovan,

Thanks for such a wonderful experience today! I'm so relieved to know that my sweet Sookie is in perfect health! I look forward to bringing her there for more excellent care for years to come.

Kind regards,

1/8/2012Mike Schlegel
Any interest in opening another office in Prospect heights? As developers, We own a great a great location in area that needs a vet clinic badly.
1/4/2012Odinga, Omari, &OREO
On behalf of my entire family I would like to extend deepest thanks to the family of Brooklyn Cares. Oreo came into our family 01/02/2012 (we are first timers to cats), and on 01/03/2012 we could've lost him. Thanks to you ALL he is still with us today! We thank you guys for your patience, understanding, compassion, and most of all your LOVE. We are so grateful that we found you when we did because this would’ve had a tragic ending, especially when other clinics wouldn’t see us until later in the week. We can’t say enough how you ALL have changed our lives forever; you are now a part of our FAMILY! We would like to say a special thank you to Amelia for making us feel as comfortable as possible, and putting a smile on our faces. YOU GUYS ARE TRULY AWESOME!!!

Our love ALWAYS!!! <3 <3 <3
11/22/2011Hershelle & Riley Rae
Dr. Mann

You Rock!! What a great visit Riley had. We are so happy we found a vet we both like!!
Thank you for putting this first time puppy mom at ease.
8/1/2011Stephanie and Anubis
I want to thank you
My owner took me to vet today since i was scratching constantly. Seems like i developed either hot spot or Staph infection. I was treated with care and was sent home with meds and my owner had a complete medical work up. Brooklyn Cares Veterinary clinic cares about your pet.

Thanks BCVC
Diamond & Owner
5/21/2011Caitlin & Reese
We had to travel to Canada and I was able to pull Reese's vet records and print them in an instant. Just one of the MANY reasons we love you guys. Thanks for taking great care of our dog.
3/19/2011Donna Trigona Sheba's Mom (Ari's Niece's)
Hi Dr. Mann...
I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such good care of Sheba at a really tough moment in her life and ours. I really can't thank you enough for your kindness and lovingness that we all needed. You made all of us especially Sheba so calm. Thank you. SHEBA 3/18/2010 is in our hearts forever.

Thanks again.

Sheba's Mom and Siblings.
Dr. Mann is the best vet every. He really has a love for animals. My puppy Cash had his first visit Friday and it was good. The receptionist is great also.
3/4/2011Nathalie Roy, Stephanie Roy & Shaggy
To the Brooklyn Cares Staff,

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful and comforting care to Shaggy. The medication started working instantly! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
2/16/2011Jennifer Lastra and Salty
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at your clinic. You guys took excellent care of my little baby Salty. I was so nervous you guys took care of me too!! I'm sure Salty's ears will be much better soon!! Thx again!
Clifford is the best
I am a big fan of Brooklyn Cares! We've brought in both of our cats for exams and procedures, and each time the staff has been so caring and kind. We felt th Dr. Donovan was great with our older cat, Jett, who is a big aggressive, and she and the vet tech handled him very well. Dr. Mann was so nice while he helped out kitten get fixed. Thank you for everything!
Tiny wants to say thank you very much for the great care you gave her when she was there.Says her ear feels much better, and that she is taking the medication doc prescribed for her.
Tiny and her mummy
3/4/2010Lynette jackson &justice the german shepard
dr.mann and staff we just want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the loving care for justice and family i'm glad i came to you . thanks again.
1/17/2010Angel & Vanyöska
Dr. Mann and his sensitive, caring and pet-knowledgable staff are rare! Dr. Mann's expertise in daignostics, his holistic approach, his caring and amazing dedication to make sure Angel has all of the care necessary from every type of conventional and alternative approach is unique! I have never felt so much confidence! He made my 14 yo baby Angel feel like 5. And then has been with us every step of the scary way in an aggressive and complicated cancer situation. With this unique support, we are, strangely, doing fine and still enjoying time together!
We thank all of you at Brooklyn Cares from the depths of our hearts!
You need to be cloned!!!!
12/14/2009Jennifer & Charlene Sanders
We took our dog Swagga here for a checkup and was amazed with the facility and services so much so that we are now bring his little sister Samour.
10/19/2009Tim and Fenway
Hello Everyone:

Just wanted to thank you all for the care and comfort you have offered us.

Tim and Fenway
9/15/2009Seamus & Lindsay Tyson + Sophie the Rottweiler
You are the best Vet place on the planet, and thank you for supporting my NYC Buddy Walk. I can't tell you how surprised and happy we were to see that Brooklyncares really cares : )
8/18/2009Bobbie and Sasha
I would like to thank Dr.Mann, Maggie and Amy. Two weeks ago, Sasha and I introduced our self to your staff and your facility. I was thoroughly impressed with the professional care and attention that was extended to us during our first visit. I don't have to explain how important it is to ensure that your pet is in good Hands. By the way, Sasha is healing as scheduled. Thank you so much for the services you offer to our community.
Sincerely, Sasha and Bobbie
8/6/2009Andrew Wen, Iris Chan & BeBe Wen
Dr.Mann, thank you so much for taking such good care of BeBe.You are very professional and thoughtful. I love your staffs and office a lot. I am so glad that I can find you and your office fot BeBe. ^^ I am going to tell all my fds with pets about your office.^^

Best Regard,
Iris Chan
7/28/2009Alice & Falcor
Thanks for taking such good care of Falcor, he's back to his old rambunctious self!! We'll be back soon for some snip snip.

Best regards,
7/20/2009Nina & Jennie
I can't thank you enough for your kindness and the great care you provided Nina! She loves you guys, we may have to stop by on our walks to just to say hi sometime:)

Glad you are in the neighborhood!

7/14/2009Caitlin, Ben & Reese
Reese (our little 4-yr-old rescue dog) loves you guys! Thanks for taking good care of him. We'll be back soon for the oh-so-fun fecal exam.... ;-)
- Caitlin J. and Reese
6/25/2009Zadie, Kevin, and Christine
Zadie tries to stop to see Dr. Mann and Celia and Angelique even when the office is closed. She LOVES the vet. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic experience. We are so glad you are in the neighborhood!
6/17/2009Lindsay Russo
Hi Dr. Mann! I'm one of Sophie the rottweiler puppy's humans and I just wanted to thank you for giving us the stuff you did for Sophie's liver and her coat - She has been getting SO many compliments on how beautiful and shiny and soft her coat is - almost every single person who sees her comments on it. Please let me know when you begin boarding - we have to board Sophie for just 2 days at a time a few times this summer and since she loves you and your staff so much I'd love to be able to leave her with you. When I called your office to see if I could board her this weekend they were very helpful in recommending the next best possible place for her - so that was fantastic of whoever that was. Thanks again for being awesome.
Thank you for helping out Kelvin yesterday! We got home, had a quick bath, and then I rolled him up in a towel and we sat on the couch contentedly for about an hour. He'd had a rough day, but you guys were so great. Thanks for your kind words and for calming my nerves. I am telling all my friends with pets about your office!
6/11/2009Nancy Crespo
Dr. Mann is a God send! I e-mailed him at 11:15 p.m. and by 11:38 p.m. he e-mailed me back. I bought him my baby girl. (poodle-mix) he treated her like princess. He is a wonderful doctor. God blessed him with his love for animals. Thank you doctor!!!!
5/26/2009Vanessa Jammie
Dr. Mann was incredibly thoughtful when it came to dealing with my ill hamster. Even with my tiny critter he provided honest advice and followed up. He really does care. Great addition to the neighborhood!
Thank you for letting me know that Panda was actually a male. I felt pretty ridiculous strolling in carrying her/him in a pink carrying case. The entire visit was enjoyable, and I will see you in a couple days with the dogs. Thanks!
5/12/2009Celeste and Drea
Thanks Dr. Mann for taking care of my crazy Jack Russell yesterday. You took wonderful care of her and she says thank you!
5/12/2009C Owens
I have worked with MANY doctors, but Dr. Mann is truly excellent.He has wonderful "bed-side" manner and wants all animals to know he understands and genuinely wants to help. He will be the best of this borough!!
Welcome to Brooklyn ~
5/8/2009Anne Peabody
Great to have you in the neighborhood! I can't wait to come in for a visit.
Thank you Dr. Mann... Dolly is doing great after we left. Love your office...
5/1/2009Yannick Jhugdeo
Very frienddly, neat office and great doctor friendly staff and Jessica is cute.
Hi Dr. Mann,

Thanks so much for taking care of me. The shots didn't hurt at all and I'm so glad I didn't have any kind of nasty parasites invading my privacy! Our whole family loves you and the office and we look forward to visiting you again -- even though I hate to go outside! And, thanks for your calls to check on us.
4/18/2009David and Beauchamp
We look forward to visiting Bklyn Cares soon.
4/13/2009Corren & Chloé
Chloé was not feeling her best - sneezing, fever, snot bubbles, and the lot! But after a visit to your office, she's MUCH better :)
Your staff is knowledgeable, friendly & understanding. Looking forward to getting onto a raw diet!


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