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Exams - SAMPLE

Exam ID Patient Admitted Released
9996 Matilda 8/19/2009 8/19/2009  

  Category Status Observation
  Appearance, Weight, Temperature Abnormal Our evaluation of your pet reveals that it is she is mildly dehydrated but not feverish
  Age-Specific Concerns Abnormal As we age, we become more sensitve to internal diseases and preventative medicine.
  Behavior Normal No behavioral problems were reported.
  Eyes Normal Eyes are bright and clear. The cornea, sclera, conjunctiva and eyelids are intact and healthy. The lens is transparent and the iris has a natural color and texture. The pupils are normally responsive to light. Vision appears normal.
  Ears Abnormal Very itchy and dirty.
  Mouth and Teeth Abnormal Excessive dental plaque; a component of periodontal disease. Dental prophylaxis is recommended to prevent loss of teeth. These teeth are rotten. There is also a 1 cm linear laceration that hits the bottom tooth and clearly causes pain.
  Respiratory Normal Respiration (breathing) is normal. All the lung fields sound clear and healthy. Your cat has a normal breathing rate and depth of inspiration.
  Cardiovascular Normal The heart is strong and healthy. Each heart valve sounds normal. There are no murmurs (abnormal sounds). The pulse has a normal rate and strength with a regular rhythm. The capillary refill rate is rapid, indicating good peripheral circulation.
  Abdomen and Abdominal Organs Normal The abdomen has a healthy conformation and is free of painful areas. The internal organs palpated, including the kidneys and loops of intestines had normal sizes, location, and consistency. No abnormalities were detected.
  Gastrointestinal Normal There is no history of vomiting or diarrhea and the pet has a normal healthy appetite. Feeding a high quality diet appropriate for your pet's life stage is recommended to help maintain optimal health.
  Skin and Hair Coat Abnormal Knots and knats were cut off to make Twinkle feel better
  Musculoskeletal Normal Normal gait. No lameness, limping or joint pain. No swelling or abnormalities such as arthritis or muscle wasting at this time.
  Urogenital Abnormal Twinkle has high kidney enzymes
  Nervous System Normal Normal reflexes, perception, and mental attitude.
  Lymph Nodes Normal Prescapular, popliteal, inguinal, submandibular lymph nodes are of normal size and shape.
  Mucous Membranes Normal Gums are a healthy pink color with normal hydration and capillary refill time.
  Overall Health Abnormal Except for a common and easily manageable problem (see above), your pet is in fine shape, in excellent health, and a pleasure to have at our hospital. Please follow the treatment guidelines created especially for your pet.
  Recommendations Normal Please return next week for a dental procedure. Please return in 10 to 14 days for a no charge suture removal. Please use the ear drops. We are investigating the cause of the kidney enzymes and will talk about this on wednesday or when you return for your dental procedure. Please call us anytime with questions or concerns and have a great weekend!
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